Checkweigher & Metal Detector

LCE-HRCSMDC Checkweigher/Metal Detector

The LCE-HRCSMDC Checkweigher/Metal Detector is a new combo system that also has more than 20 years of scaling and labeling design experience incorporated into it. With a unique, simple, design concept, it has features that truly set it apart from the competition. Two of these features include an open architecture "Hot Swap" that has the capability of a PC-based system controller and repeatability of the weight accuracy.

NEMA4X/IP69K OPTION Add On Devises Enviro-Touch/Keyboard Option

Every design element is specified, to the highest quality standards, as each utilizes off-the-shelf components. This makes the LCE-HRCSMDC Checkweigher/Metal Detector easy to service in any plant situation. Like our other products, it has an all stainless steel frame and full wash-down components so that it lasts longer. This affordable machine also has the following features:

* 304 Stainless Construction
* PC-Based OS
* Up to 0.01g Accuracy
* Up to 250ppm
* 15 kg. Capacity
* Custom Designed
* Simplistic Design
* Made with Pride in the USA
Checkweigher/Metal Detector Combo

HRCSMDC Automatic In-Motion Checkweigher/Metal Detector Combo

All accuracy and repeatability values are verifiable in our factory environment. Results may vary in different environmental conditions. A few features and options include:

* Factory Authorized OEM
* Prestige Partner
* Almost Limitless Network Connectivity
* Remote Support
* Password Protected Parameters
* Reject Capable & Ready
* EMFR Load Cell Configurations for High Resolution
* Applications
* Precisely Machined for Low Vibration & Noise
* 1" Rollers & Choice of Belts
* Belt Tensioning & Tracking without Hand Tools
* Brushless DC Motors
* Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Filtered Load Cell
* 10-Second Calibration
* Various Belt Widths & Line Heights
* Metal Detection
* Wash Down Standard
* Low-Cost, Powder-Coated Mild Steel Construction Available
* Customized Sizes to Fit Your Conveyor Line
* Customized Software Applications
* Display Values in Grams, Kilograms, Ounces, & Pounds
* Draft Shields
* Light Tree & Light Bar Options